The secret to working from home while raising two kids

So how do I run my business from home with my two kids? This is probably one of the questions I receive most often from other women, some are mums, some work from home as well, and some don’t.

Well, here’s the answer, the honest answer. I don’t.

In fact, for me, I think it would be impossible. I’ve tried it. And trying to do both at the same time just makes me angry and frustrated.

It was a little easier when I had just the one child who would nap for 2.5 hours during the day. But now I have two. One naps and the other doesn't. And when my little one naps for 2 hours during the day, I rarely do ‘business’ work. I do the other ‘work’ that needs to get done, you know the piles of washing, the cooking and cleaning, the important play time with my older one. Wiping down benches, watering the hanging baskets. And occasionally sitting down to have a coffee. My business work and my work as a mum is a constant juggle, that doesn’t always balance out.

“ The truth is, joy and love notwithstanding, and regardless of the fact it’s unpaid, raising kids and running a home is work.

Breastfeeding. Cleaning. Washing. Planning. Shopping. Cooking. Nurturing. Driving. Helping with homework. Negotiating. Mediating. Disciplining.

They are all actual jobs that require time and energy, and the emotions involved are far more raw, intense and extreme than I’ve encountered in any workplace.”


Georgina is a journalist, an editor, and a passionate advocate for gender equality. The former lawyer is a regular media commentator, public speaker, MC and is the contributing editor of Women's Agenda.

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photos by my friend, a freelance photographer who also works in an office three days per week.

photos by my friend, a freelance photographer who also works in an office three days per week.

she is also an amazing mum of two boys.

she is also an amazing mum of two boys.

Check her work out here:  @emmawhitephotography

Check her work out here: @emmawhitephotography

I do my business work, which includes paperwork, taking and editing photos, designing new gifts, sourcing products, emails, writing blogs etc, when the children are asleep, early in the morning when the house is quiet, on the weekends when my husband is home to help or grandparents can. Sometimes I wish I could spend more time working on my business, but I’ve come to realise that balance is key. One can’t survive without the other failing. And of course, my children are my number one priority. They are the future, gift boxes (unfortunately) aren’t. And my children have given me those skills you don’t learn anywhere else - I’m patient (like, really patient), I can multi-task - coffee in one hand, toddler on hip while dancing to the theme song of Bluey with my 4 year old, and gosh… you should see my time-management skills now, the amount of things I can get done in one day - I even surprises myself sometimes. My kids have made me a better creator, writer and person. Thanks kids.

But I make time for this business as much as I can. Because I love it and I need it. So much. It’s my third baby. To have a creative outlet is so important for me and one I hope to nourish for the rest of my life.