Sustainability - we're on to it.

We’ve all heard about it, sustainability, it’s big business in 2019.

And we’re on to it. In fact, we always have been.

When we started back in 2015 we wrote our vision and philosophy on a piece of paper about what we wanted to be about, what we wanted to achieve, and the ‘why’ … why we do what we do. A significant theme across all of this is ‘how are we / how do we continue to be sustainable.’

“Our gift hampers includes carefully selected items that are beautiful, useful and of high quality.”

And, here’s how we are doing it.

We support other small artisan businesses within our local community and across Australia who make conscious efforts about their own sustainable practices.

We asked our makers and creators what they’re doing now to secure a sustainable future.
Here is what some of them had to say:

We’re passionate about sustainability at Miss Magoo’s! All our packaging is recyclable and we use glass jars for most of our products, which can be re-used or re-purposed. We also use home compostable courier bags when sending out products which either can be put in with your food scraps or garden waste and they’ll break right down.
— Stef Grech, MISS MAGOO
Stef Grech -Miss Magoo's Organic Skincare
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.21.16 am.png
Our chocolate can only be as good as the quality of the cacao we source. We work hard to build relationships with our growers and we strive to deal 100% direct with our farmers. We are currently working on making sure our packaging including the foil will be completely recyclable, hopefully by the end of this year.
— Josh Bahen, BAHEN AND CO
Sustainability and working towards zero waste are at the forefront of our business practices and ethics. We source the main ingredient of our bone broths from a local certified organic farm, minimising the impact of transportation. The majority of our production waste is organic matter which is completely compostable and we use recyclable jars to package our bone broths. We also use repurposed cardboard and recyclable packaging when shipping our products.
— Felicity and Tony, TONEMADE
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.35.27 am.png
We use resealable bags for our 8 pack YoYo’s. These bags are made from recycled materials and the lining is 100% BPA free. Also because they are resealable after the biscuits inside have been enjoyed you can use them again for things like nuts and cereals. Oh, and our berries are sourced just down the road from us!
— Jamie & Sarina, THE BISCUIT SHOP

And what are WE doing?

The gift boxes themselves

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.55.07 am.png

All our boxes are made to be re-used. Whether it’s in your sock draw, pantry or to save some of those precious baby keepsake items in. We want you to re-use them! Or if you can’t, we are always happy to take them back and collect when we can.

Our cardboard and mini boxes can be pulled apart, stood on, squashed and then put into the recyclable bin. Kids love doing this!

The wood wool we use inside the gift boxes can be tossed into your garden or compost bin. It’ll break down. So too will the flowers that we include (after they’ve been enjoyed in a vase in your room or on your kitchen bench).

What about the bubble wrap the boxes are wrapped in and sent?
Yes! … BUBBLE WRAP… it’s recyclable (gasp). Unfortunately, not in your recyclable bin at home, but with your soft plastics that can be taken to the drop off bins at your local supermarket. To find the soft plastic drop off locations near you, use the Redcycle locator.

Each item inside the gift box is either useful or usable. Important stuff. We hate the idea of giving ‘stuff’ that people don’t want, can’t use or will throw away. We aren’t about that. That’s why we carefully select each and every item that we include. Did we mention each item is made, often by hand, to a really high quality. Items included are designed to be usable and to be enjoyed.

“Gift giving to us is not materialism - it is not about giving for the sake of giving. A gift is a way of showing someone that they are loved, cared for, appreciated and that they matter. It is the effort and the thoughtfulness behind the gift chosen that matters most. All of our gift hampers are created and designed with this in mind. ”

We are continually trying to improve our sustainable practices. We make a conscious effort to continually learn and build on our knowledge and practices of sustanablilty. 

Without getting too political we care very much about our planet now and in the future.

Even though we are in the gifting industry and it might sound contradictory, we really do encourage you to question each purchase you make. After all, that’s really what we’re all about, and always have been.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood