Love you Mum

You often hear that behind every great man stands a great woman. How true this is, however I would like to add to this: behind every great woman there is also another great women, usually in the form of a mum.  

Mother’s Day to me is about showing our mum's how much we appreciate them. Whether this be in the form of gifts, breakfast in bed, a hand-written card, a smelly soap whatever it is, it's important to reflect on how special our mums, and really, all the wonderful women out there who care for other people, are. It's about taking one day out of the year to reflect and to say well done, thank you, you are amazing, thanks for supporting us and we appreciate and value you all the time (even though we might not always say or show it).

This will be my second Mother's Day. For me, the greatest gift of being a mum has been what my son has taught me. When my son came into the world (8 weeks early!) he challenged me in every way possible and he made me think hard about what kind of mum I would be. Even though most of the time I felt like I was the busiest I had ever been, I realise that, in fact, I have more time now, because he has taught me how to slow down, to have space and most importantly how to be in the moment. 

So thank you little man for brightening my every day.