The woman who gets my vote for IWD

She isn’t famous, she is not CEO of a big multi-million dollar business, and she hasn’t run any marathons, triathlons, or saved any lives.

Really, she hasn’t done anything extraordinary that would get a write up in a magazine or a tv show. But I think it’s the ordinary, the every day, the humble and the ‘let’s make a cup of tea and get on with things’ kind of women who have really made the biggest impact on my life, because let’s face it, they are real, and we all need real.  

Of course there is one lady who stands out from the crowd, and yes I’m talking about my mum. My mum gets my vote for International Women’s Day because she rocks on so many different levels, as I would think a lot of mums out there do. So thanks mum, for always being a woman who is strong, who inspires and who loves. 

rebecca kildayComment