My First Valentine

I would love to sit here and tell you that my first Valentine’s Day gift was from my sweet heart that I am now married to and share a beautiful little boy with, but that would be a lie.

The truth is, my first Valentine’s Day gift was from a man who was a fair bit older, 29 years to be exact. I had lived with him my whole life and when we were little my two brothers and I used to wrestle in the lounge room with him on a Saturday night. Yes, my first Valentine’s Day gift was from my Dad. It was a bunch of pink roses and I was in high school. Nothing more to it, but it was one of the loveliest surprise gifts I’ve ever received, because it was the thought that counted, as cliché as that sounds. It’s because I wasn’t expecting it and I knew the reason why Dad bought it for me. I didn’t have a boyfriend, and being a teenage girl that was pretty disappointing! So every year from then on Dad always bought me a Valentine’s Day gift. Sometimes it was flowers, sometimes chocolate, sometimes flowers and chocolate, but always something. And even when I did have a boyfriend, Dad would still surprise me with a Valentine’s Day gift. I am now 30, married and a mum, but I know that when I see him this Valentine’s Day, I will get some lovely flowers and a lovely little gift, and I think that’s just great.

So remember this Valentine’s Day to give a little gift to someone you love as it is one of the many ways to say I Love You, and as you can see, creates very special memories for them. 

rebecca kilday